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the Reasons as To Why We Need To Need Daylight Saving

Daylight saving is a practice that is meant to adjust forward the clock during the summer and revert back during winter. The practice was started in the ancient days with a purpose of using the daylight by having longer nights. The process was started with an aim of saving fuel. In modern days there is a need to change from this practice due to the following reasons.

As you have read above the main reason why daylight saving was started was to help save on fuel consumption. The main reason for this was due to the scarcity of the fuel hence the need to save on that available. Also fuel had to be saved due to the challenge of transporting the fuel to different parts. Unlike the old days, in modern days more fuel has been discovered in various parts of the world hence no need to worry about the consumption. In modern days technology has advanced which means that the method of processing fuel and transporting has become possible than in ancient days.

Today we find more challenges during dayshift mostly in the transport sector and in hospitals. In most cases you will find that doctors and nurses have a challenge of calculating the exact time to administer the next dose to the patient. This affects the healthcare plan and also it’s a challenge to patients who need to take medication after the exact number of hours. This may lead to health deterioration in many patients due to improper dosage administration. Transport systems especially flights experience delays during time daylight time change. This leads to loss of revenue since most of the business that was meant to be conducted at that time has to experience delay awaiting time shift.

Another effect of daylight shift is that it affects the normal routines of people including kids. Due to the fact that there are fewer hours in the night people have few hours to sleep hence affecting the normal routine. The performance of the kids at school are affected by this due feeling sleepy. This also the performances of adults due to staying awake for long at night. The fatigue caused by this is that accidents may occur while driving.

During daylight saving more gasoline is used unlike the purpose of it to save fuel consumption. This is due to the fact that more people will be traveling at this time especially in the evening to spend time with family and friends unlike in normal days. Since more gasoline is used at this time the need to save fuel is eliminated hence the need to do away with this practice. Once you read the above you will understand that there are no advantages of daylight savings.

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