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How to Join the Growing Gods Unchained Community

Gods unchained is one of the best online trading card game in the world today. With this game, players have a chance to use their cards collection to build a deck and from there select a god to play with at the beginning of every game. The good thing about this card game is that it is fast and players get the speed they want. One thing that you need to understand is this game is a lot different from other types of online trading games that you know of hence the need to give it a try. One of the differences setting it apart is that players have real ownership of the card, trade and transfer their cards. To be a member of the God’s Unchained community, the following are important things that will assist you.

The very first thing that one needs to consider doing is to look for the God’s Unchained website. When you are in the site, it will be easy for you to follow the procedures of making your purchases. You also get a list of all the cards in the beginning season as well as a helpful page with frequently asked questions.

The next thing that one need s to do is to connect to metamask. To understand well, metamask is the browser extension that one needs to buy, trade transfer and receive cards. You also need to be aware that all the transaction are made with a cryptocurrency known as ETH. One can download metamask using Chrome, Opera or Firefox and install it .

One can now use the metamask to purchase the dos unchained cards. The player can begin buying cards pack for gods unchained to start enjoying the game. What you need to know however is that with every pack, there are several level cards. To buy the cards, one is only needed to go to the Get the Cards page and click to that link.

Once you have purchased your card packs, it is important to now open them. From the lower left, you will click the open menu for them to open. After doing so, the cards will be viewable, and you can start to enjoy the game. The inventory page is helpful in helping you know the cards you have.

Becoming a God’s Unchained community has never been this easy with these simple procedure. It is as simple as visiting the website, connecting to metamask and purchasing the cards within a few minutes.

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