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Understanding Manifolds

Whether you believe it or not, there are countless of aftermarket car parts in the market these days and majority of them are designed specifically to improve engine power. One part that a lot of car enthusiasts want to replace is the intake manifold but with so many varieties in the market, making a decision has become difficult. Basically, buying the incorrect fit for your car is quite easy and this will make you feel as if you have wasted your money.

In the next lines, you are going to learn about the important points to remember which will help you avoid mistakes from happening.

Without a doubt, replacing intake manifold with an upgraded model is easy and it can benefit your car in a number of ways. First of all, majority of the factory intakes are manufactured using heavy cast iron and thus, replacing stock intake with aluminum aftermarket part will surely strip off a lot of weight from your engine. Not just that, you can also choose your intake depending on the power, RPM range of engine, displacement and also, the weight, ratio, rear end. When all this combined, it can sure improve the overall car performance.

Intake manifolds can be divided into two categories and it is either single plane or dual plane, which largely depend on how it’s designed. In single plane intake manifold, this has open plenum which enables four barrels of the carburetor to feed the cylinders. The dual plane as what the name suggests has split plenum which is separated by divider wall and lets each side of the carburetor to feed the four cylinders. As a rule of thumb, dual plane intakes are able to create improved and better RPM torque but sacrifices the upper RPM horsepower. When talking about the single plane intake however, it’s the vice versa of dual plane for it’s more effective on high RPM but not on torque or at minimum moving peak torque to higher RPM.

Generally speaking, if your car’s engine has a mild compression and stock camshaft or if your car has automatic transmission, stock torque converter and low gear ratio, then going for a dual plane intake will be a smart choice. On the other hand, if you have a car that has 4.88 gears, high compression, big roller camshaft and loose converter, then you’d do better investing with a single plane manifold.

Remember that all manifolds when it is installed in the car is a nice upgrade and will do wonderful things but, you must make sure that it is the perfect fit for your engine otherwise, it will be hardly noticeable to see the benefits that it can provide.

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